About VPG

VPG was founded in 2007 as a consulting firm providing clients with the most up-to-date methods to meet their psychometric, scale development, assessment, and general data analysis needs, particularly in the regulated pharmaceutical and medical device industries. In 2010, VPG expanded its mission to offer state-of-the-art psychometric, statistical, and data collection software that have since become widely used in both the regulatory space and in social, behavioral, and health sciences. In 2020, VPG further cemented its commitment to lead the market of advanced psychometric and data analytic software with the acquisition of Scientific Software International, Inc.

Today VPG consists of nineteen employees as well as access to high-quality contractors in the fields of statistics/psychometrics, qualitative research, programming, and interface design, all of whom have been rigorously vetted and hold advanced degrees in their fields of expertise. We serve academic, government, and corporate clients and have been an integral part of successful teams whether its winning competitive government contracts, bringing new drugs to market, or customizing or developing new software applications. Our clients have access to cutting edge research in the science of measurement, but with a focus on choosing the best tool to solve the problem at hand. We pride ourselves on the ability to help our clients with practical applications of rigorous psychometric methods and strategy.