Leading the science of assessment.


Vector Psychometric Group is an empirically-driven organization, dedicated to improving the science of psychometrics and behavioral data analysis for our clients, whether they are government agencies, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, sports teams, research organizations, or academic researchers.


Vector Psychometric Group offers the most advanced psychometric software on the market, including the flexMIRT® and IRTPRO™ packages for item and test analysis and psychometric scoring, and the Adaptest® computerized adaptive testing (CAT) EDC/ePRO “plug-in”. We also offer advanced psychometric capabilities through customized software integration or assessment system development.


Vector Psychometric Group offers assessment tools for operational use (e.g., clinical trials, health outcomes, player evaluations). This service is designed to provide both the authors and end-users of the scales and assessments seamless online data collection, support, and psychometric expertise to ensure accurate scoring.