Vector Psychometric Group (VPG) is an empirically-driven organization, dedicated to improving the science of assessment for our clients, whether they are government agencies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, sports teams, research organizations, or members of academia.

Our clients have benefited from working with us by more reliably measuring product improvements over time and more confidently using qualitative, psychometric, and behavioral data to guide decision-making. VPG takes the time to understand specific client needs and the broader context in which qualitative evidence and more rigorous assessments and statistical analyses can add value to their organization.  The thoughtful and meticulous work VPG provides has helped our clients differentiate their products, provide stronger evidence of value to payers, support go/no-go decisions and due diligence activities, and satisfy regulatory bodies’ desire for patient-centered evidence.

VPG offers a wide range of qualitative and psychometric consulting services. While we specialize in scale development , validation, and scoring, we also provide clients with more general statistical consulting, programming, and quality control services. Please choose from the side menu for more details on how we could help your company achieve its goals.