Recently, there has been tremendous growth in the development and application of analytics in professional sports. Teams have found they can leverage the power of data to make improved decisions and gain a competitive edge. Diverse data types can provide insights across a variety of areas including player evaluation, revenue management, game preparation, and even fan satisfaction. Organizations possess vast amounts of proprietary and public data, but are often unsure how these data can be used to improve team success. At Vector Psychometric Group (VPG), we have focused on a critical piece of the sports analytics puzzle, the science of player evaluation. Drawing on our extensive statistical training and experience in quantifying human behavior and performance, we help sports teams get the most out of their data, allowing them to consistently and accurately quantify any player attribute (e.g., athleticism, toughness, character, team fit) using the latest cutting-edge quantitative methods. VPG’s customized player grading metrics are easily interpreted, built to coincide with your team’s unique scouting philosophy and goals, and will augment qualitative scouting reports so that your organization can make the best possible player personnel decisions.


Measurement is the assignment of numbers to characteristics using a set of rules. In sports, some player attributes are readily observed and quantified (e.g., height, speed, number of receptions) while other “immeasurables” are not (e.g., heart, leadership, toughness). VPG is able to draw on a wide array of psychometric approaches to measure these critical “immeasurables” with precision. We offer a full range of psychometric consulting services, from qualitative work to assist in the early stages of player evaluation creation to advanced quantitative analyses to demonstrate your measure is providing reliable scores and valid inferences/uses suitable for high-stakes player decisions.

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Behavioral Analytics

In addition to the specialized psychometric services we supply, VPG offers more general statistical consulting. We are able to provide expert analysis using a wide range of statistical techniques for a large variety of data sources such as historic player databases, biomarker sensors, and location devices.

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In addition to our specialized statistical services for educational researchers, VPG also offers:

  • Custom personnel apps and data systems
  • Review of sports literature
  • 3rd party quality control