General Consulting

Measurement is loosely defined as assigning numbers to characteristics using rules. This includes something easily observed like length (e.g., that board is 3 inches wide) and things as nebulous as “quality of life” or “happiness.” We at Vector Psychometric Group (VPG) have dedicated ourselves to the improvement of measurement, particularly improving how unobservable things are assessed. Additionally,  we strive to make full use of any and all available measurements (of observed or unobservable constructs) to meet a client’s goals.

VPG offers a wide range of psychometric consulting services to help any business or entity interested in accurately measuring a large variety of possible outcomes, including opinions, attitudes, or knowledge on a particular set of topics. Our extensive knowledge of scale development and assessment techniques ensures that our clients are measuring the right thing and measuring that thing right.

We also offer more general statistical/data analysis services to provide clients with a deeper understanding of how the various parts of their research endeavor work together. VPG’s expertise in advanced statistical techniques allows our clients to get most out of their data and have confidence that analyses have been done correctly.


Psychometrics broadly refers to an area of study focused on mathematical and statistical models to relate observable data to unobservable constructs; this includes stereotypical “psychological” constructs, such as intelligence and depression, but psychometric techniques may be used to improve the measurement of any unobservable concept, including such varied ideas as relationship satisfaction, customer product preferences, or financial knowledge. VPG offers a full range of psychometric consulting services, from qualitative work to assist in the early stages of scale/metric/assessment creation to advanced quantitative analyses, such as factor analysis and item response theory, to supply evidence that your measure is providing reliable scores and valid inferences/uses suitable for informing high-stakes decisions.

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Behavioral Analytics

In addition to the specialized psychometric services we supply, VPG offers more general statistical consulting. We are able to provide expert analysis using a wide range of statistical techniques for a large variety of data sources, such as experiments conducted by academic researchers, large-scale surveys with sampling weights, and internal marketing studies.

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In addition to our specialized statistical services, VPG also offers:

  • Secure, web-based data collection services
  • General literature reviews
  • Reports consolidating previous work
  • Replication of findings
  • Statistical forensics
  • 3rd party QC