Health Outcomes

Clinical outcome assessment (COA) has seen rapid growth in recent years, expanding on both the outcomes that are considered suitable to measure and the gold-standard of statistical evidence required by regulatory bodies to demonstrate that a COA is providing reliable and valid scores for the outcome of interest. This applies equally to all manner of outcomes, including PROs, ClinROs, ObsROs, PREMs, and others. Vector Psychometric Group (VPG) has been providing high-quality psychometric consulting for years, making us uniquely suited to assist you in navigating the complexities at all stages of COA development, validation, and subsequent analyses.


Psychometrics broadly refers to an area of study focused on mathematical and statistical models to relate observable data to unobservable constructs; this includes stereotypical “psychological” constructs, such as intelligence and depression, but psychometric techniques may be used to improve the measurement of any unobservable concept, including such varied ideas as satisfaction with a medical product, quality of life, or overall symptom severity. VPG offers a full range of psychometric consulting services, from qualitative work to assist in the early stages of scale/metric/assessment creation to advanced quantitative analyses, such as factor analysis and item response theory, to supply evidence that your measure is providing reliable scores and valid inferences/uses suitable for informing high-stakes decisions.

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Behavioral Analytics

In addition to the specialized psychometric services we supply, VPG offers more general statistical consulting. We are able to provide expert analysis using a wide range of statistical techniques for a large variety of data sources, such as large-scale clinical trial data, small sample data from rare disease populations, and post-market studies.

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In addition to our specialized statistical services for health outcome researchers, VPG also offers:

  • Secure, web-based data collection services
  • General literature reviews
  • Reports consolidating previous work
  • Replication of findings
  • Statistical forensics
  • 3rd party QC