Qualitative Consulting

Vector Psychometric Group provides a full range of qualitative consulting services from study design consulting to qualitative study execution to provide evidence that a scale is patient-centered, meaning it is understandable, relevant, and comprehensively covers topics important to those who will be completing the scale.

VPG’s expert services in qualitative research includes:

  • Evaluation of existing instruments
    • literature reviews
    • annotated bibliographies
    • assessment of qualitative research rigor in publications
  • Reviews of study protocols to ensure designs will provide necessary qualitative information
  • Qualitative study design
  • Qualitative study execution
    • conducting focus groups/ individual interviews
    • coding of transcripts
    • data synthesis and analysis
    • report generation
  • Scale development and item writing
  • Gap analysis for qualitative support of a scale
  • Scientific writing for qualitative sections of program summary reports/dossiers