Vector Psychometric Group offers a full range of psychometric consulting services, from qualitative work to assist in the early stages of scale/metric/assessment creation to advanced quantitative analyses, such as factor analysis and item response theory, to provide evidence that a scale is providing reliable scores and valid inferences/uses suitable for informing high-stakes decisions.

Evaluation of existing instruments

  • literature reviews
  • annotated bibliographies
  • assessment of psychometric rigor in publications

Scale Development

  • Qualitative Research (Focus Groups, Cognitive Interviews)
  • Item Writing

Item Response Theory

Factor Analysis

Linking scores

Group Comparisons

Construct Validity

Updating Scales

Data Collection and Scoring

  • Real-time IRT-based Scoring via the Adaptest® plugin
  • Computerized Adaptive Testing via the Adaptest® plugin
  • Learn more about Adaptest®