VPG releases flexMIRT® Version 3.62

VPG is pleased to announce the immediately availability of flexMIRT® Version 3.62.  Version 3.62 fixes a bug with multiple-group IRT modeling, and a labeling issue in output delivery.

Importantly, Version 3.62 uses a completely new pseudo random number generator (PRNG), replacing the one that has been in use since flexMIRT 2.0.  The new proprietary PRNG is based on the popular Mersenne Twister 19937 generator that substantially outperforms the PRNG used by flexMIRT previously.  They will lead to slightly different results for MH-RM and MCMC based estimation and scoring, but the quality of the results will likely be improved as a result of using an updated PRNG.

Users holding active flexMIRT® subscription licenses are encouraged to upgrade.