The Adaptest® computerized adaptive testing and item response theory (IRT)-based scoring software package is designed to be easily included into existing electronic data collection (EDC) systems. Implementation can range from a web developer quickly using Adaptest® as a plugin for a purely HTML and JavaScript web 2.0 application to a full system integration with the engine’s Linux binaries or Windows dll. Regardless of implementation Adaptest® offers a wide range of capabilities and benefits:

Adaptest® allows statistical information obtained during scale development to better inform the assessment process.

  • More assessments are relying on “modern measurement theory” for development
  • No need to fall back on inferior summed scores because of a data collection system that cannot use IRT information
  • Can increase statistical power thereby reducing sample size needs

Adaptest® allows any assessment developed using modern measurement theory (IRT/Rasch) to be presented in fixed-length form and scored in real-time.

  • Removes the need to post-process data
  • Provides more statistically valid scores compared to classical methods
  • Assessments that are more patient-centered
  • Reduces patient burden
  • Maintains comparable reliability and validity to full-length assessments

Adaptest® item response theory-based computerized adaptive testing software was specifically designed for EDC system integration.

  • Scale scores are integrated into the data collection and transfer process
  • Housed within an infrastructure you know and trust
  • No new systems to learn or maintain
  • Your current support staff is still who you contact

Our DEMO offers a glimpse at a possible respondent view, the internal calculations, and for developers, the server and system settings. Complete an adaptive test using items and parameters drawn from the PROMIS® fatigue item bank now!