Supported Versions

Support is available for the following versions of our programs:


  • Stable release: Version 3.6.5
  • Release candidate:Version 3.7.2
  • Deprecated versions: Versions 3.5x
  • All supported versions: Versions 3.0+


  • Stable release: Version 6.0
  • Release candidate: n/a
  • Legacy software support: Versions 5.0+


Currently we offer no native Mac version of any of our programs currently available. However, if you have a dual-boot set-up or a Windows emulator, any of our programs should run without issues as long as your hardware is not using Apple’s proprietary ARM-based chips because of known compatibility issues. Note that we can only provide support for using the software and are unable to provide guidance on setting up a Mac to allow for a program to be usable. Parallels Desktop is the most frequently used of the emulators. VirtualBox is a free alternative from Oracle, but it can be very slow compared to Parallels.